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Monday 29th July - Friday 2nd August
Monday 28th October - Friday 1st November


Quite simply, you won’t find training like it! We do things a little different… 


Welcome to our exceptional cosmetic tattoo training, where success stories grow & thrive! Our students have achieved remarkable financial milestones, with some making a staggering $6,000 in just one week after completing our course. Additionally, we take pride in empowering individuals like a single mother of two children under 4, who now earns an impressive $10,000 a month by working only three days a week.

We believe in making our training accessible to all aspiring artists, which is why we offer flexible payment plans. With a straightforward application link, low weekly repayments, and the freedom to choose your repayment pace, you can comfortably pursue your passion without financial stress.
As you enrol in our course, you secure your position and receive a comprehensive practice kit including your very own cosmetic tattoo machine; delivered to your doorstep. Moreover, your professional LOADED take-home kit equips you with the tools needed to kickstart your cosmetic tattooing career confidently. Step into a world of endless possibilities and artistic growth as you embark on this transformative journey with us.
At our cosmetic tattoo training, we are committed to nurturing your growth not just as an artist but also as a thriving entrepreneur. Here’s a comprehensive step-by-step business building guide that accompanies our program, and sets us aside from the rest.
Online Student Portal – Access our state-of-the-art online platform, featuring a library of video tutorials. Master the fundamental techniques and practice at your own pace before attending the in-person classes, ensuring you come prepared to make the most of your hands-on training.
Bloodborne Pathogen & Infection Control Training – Your safety and the safety of your clients are our top priorities. Our in-depth bloodborne pathogen and infection control training will equip you with the knowledge and practices to maintain a clean and hygienic work environment, giving your clients peace of mind.
Hands-On In-Person Training – Join us for an immersive and interactive in-person training experience. Our expert instructor will guide you through advanced techniques, ensuring you gain the confidence and skillset needed to create stunning cosmetic tattoos.
Business Building Guide – Our comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about establishing and growing your cosmetic tattooing business. From branding and marketing strategies to pricing, client consultations, and legal considerations, we’ll provide you with the tools for a successful venture.
Lifetime Support – We’re invested in your success for the long haul. As part of our commitment to your journey, you’ll have lifetime access to our support network. Stay connected with fellow artists, seek advice from mentors, and access updated resources as the industry evolves.
At our cosmetic tattoo training, we take pride in adhering to the highest standards set by European regulations in the wake of the 2021 law change regarding cosmetic tattoo pigments. We prioritise the safety and well-being of our clients and artists alike. Our pigments are meticulously sourced and manufactured to meet the strictest European quality standards, ensuring they are free from harmful substances.
By upholding these stringent guidelines, we aim to provide our students with the latest industry practices, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to deliver safe and stunning results. Your journey with us is not only about mastering the artistry of cosmetic tattooing but also about prioritising the health and trust of your clients. Experience the difference of training with a forward-thinking institute that embraces responsible practices and holds itself to the highest European standards.
By combining top-tier training with a robust support system, we’re dedicated to ensuring your success not just as a skilled artist but also as a thriving business owner in the world of cosmetic tattooing. Embrace the possibilities, and let us be your guiding light throughout this exciting journey!

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"I have just completed the training with Terryn. If your considering doing the course DO IT you definitely won’t be disappointed! Her knowledge, training and ethical standards far surpass others in the industry. I can’t thank Terryn enough for her patience, guidance and giving me the confidence to pursue my dream. Not only did I gain a new skill, I also gained a wonderful mentor who is dedicated and passionate about everything she does. Thank you Terryn for being the amazing woman you are, forever grateful."
- Rebecca Lee
"I have recently completed the masterclass and what can I say… Terryn, THANK YOU will never be enough. The confidence and knowledge I left the course with is amazing!! Terryns' support throughout the entire course even at 6am (way before course times) and even now when the course is complete has meant the world to me. I walked into the course with a dream and walked out with a skill. I’m forever grateful to you. I wouldn’t have wanted to do this course with anyone else!"
- Ashleigh Forde
"Terryn! What an awesome human being! I did a Feather Touch Masterclass with her in November and it was the BEST! She was thorough, honest, fun, approachable and real. Not only is she amazing at her trade she is so good at teaching her knowledge and skills to others. The course was awesome! If your looking at getting into the industry definitely go through Terryn. You won’t be disappointed"
- Jacqueline Preston
"I trained with Terryn in April 2021 - her 1st training class. After having my brows done by her in 2020 I was desperate and passionate I wanted to learn and from a pro like her! So you bet ya I was there with bells on when she announced the course dates! Terryn is a magical person and her art with Brows is like nothing I have ever seen before. Her knowledge of what makes a GREAT brow has changed my life forever, not only my own face - but my skillset/career AND my heart. I can't recommend Terryn enough. She has helped me jump in feet first with being my own boss. Just 8months after doing the course I have replaced and given away my mining income! FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. Train with One Seven!!"
- Neesha Roney
"This woman is honestly the best trainer I’ve EVER had in my life. She has patience of a saint and is one of the most humble being. I went in seeing her as my teacher but coming out as my friend. I would 100% recommend her to anyone who not only wants to learn from a great trainer but also a great natural technique. Terryn you are amazing!!! Thank you"
- Chrissy D
"Where to start, Terryn is simply the best, absolutely an incredible artist, beautiful and humble and absolutely so patient. I've never come across anyone who has absolutely made you feel so empowered. Nothing I asked her was ever too hard, Terryn has such a beautiful way of connecting with her students, and genuinely wants to help you succeed. Did i mention her skills are so amazing. Not only were you my trainer, now a beautiful friend!!! Thank you forever Terryn."
- Kellie Tarawa
"Super grateful to have done this course with the amazing Terryn. Not only is she full of quality information and advice, she is a beautiful person who was born to be a trainer. I’ve never had a trainer who was so supportive, passionate, warm and genuinely was excited to see me thrive with my work and models. I finished the course feeling so much more confident than I ever thought I would be. Thank you Terryn"
- Ella Z
"Where do I start. I have known Terryn for over 7 years so choosing her to train me in Cosmetic Tattooing was a no brainer. I was apart of her first ever intake and WOW could not be more happier with the course and ongoing support provided by Tez and the entire team of Artists I now call my friends. The best of the best in the industry, not only because of her knowledge but because of her selfless heart to share all she knows to every single person to succeed and flourish. Highly recommend Terryn at One Seven Cosmetic Tattooing for all your training needs. You won't regret it."
- Kasy Symes
"I did a lot of research of a number of different trainers before choosing to train with One Seven. I am so forever thankful that I did choose Terryn. The course was enjoyable, extremely informative, comfortable, in depth and does not stop when your finish the week! Terryn is happy to answer all questions, and never makes you feel judged. She genuinely wants to give you all of her knowledge, and help you to be successful on your own journey. I have friends in this field, who have trained through different schools, and it just reinforces how fortunate I was to have chosen the best! I am so excited as continue to learn, grow and improve with the comfort of knowing that I always have Terryn to guide me."
- Danielle Pitt
"Wow Amazing. Absolutely is awe of Terryns work. Totally inspirational. Loved her attention to detail and her drive so much I decided to make it my own career path. I completed her training and was so happy with how the sessions were put together and how informative the theory work was. Her package provides all the supplies and knowledge to start my career with confidence. The course along with her guidance and support really set me up for success. She is clearly passionate about making a positive impact in people's lives. Cannot thank her enough.."
- Katie Passmore

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