Feathertouch Tattooing is a highly skilled cosmetic procedure using a hand tool in which specially formulated hypoallergenic pigments are artistically implanted into skin to mimic the perfect brow pattern, but with long lasting results enhancing your natural beauty.
Imagine the luxury of always waking up with perfect arches, gorgeously defined eyes and framed face. Choose a subtle natural finish or a more dramatic, glamorous look – whatever your lifestyle, semi permanent cosmetics is a fantastic solution to feeling good, looking great & having more time to focus on the finer things in life!

Ombre cosmetic tattooing is a procedure with a tattoo machine in which specially formulated pigments are artistically implanted into the skin to mimic a makeup brow or a tinted brow. This method creates shading behind a brow and creates a perfect, effortless look for those wanting to retire the brow pencil.

Omblade is a play on words created by One Seven! This is a mixture of the two procedures of Ombre & Feathertouch, to mimic lifelike strokes at the front and shading throughout the body and tail.

We can teach anyone with no prior experience necessary! You will need to be over 18 to learn & perform cosmetic tattooing.

At the course completion, you will be a Certified Cosmetic Tattoo Artist by a TAE Accredited Trainer & Assessor; and can work or be employed as such. You will receive a certificate that can also be used to set up accounts at trade wholesalers.

Every woman or man who wants to feel good about themselves and confident that their brows or make up application is faultless with an endurance way beyond anything conventional cosmetics can offer! It is life changing for those suffering alopecia, hair loss from auto immune disease, post cancer patients and those who suffer Trichotillomania (anxiety related; an irresistible urge to pull out their hair, usually from their scalp, eyelashes, and eyebrows). Those that don’t suit this procedure are those who are pregnant, have blood diseases, on blood thinning medication, currently going through cancer treatments, have a history of keloid scarring or on accutane medications. If unsure, please always feel free to get in contact.

Client comfort is an important aspect of all semi-permanent procedures. The treatment can be a little uncomfortable rather than unbearable. Be assured, we use the best numbing agent post outline and throughout the procedure ensuring your maximum comfort & a lot of clients actually fall asleep!

You can expect your cosmetic tattoo to last anywhere from 6 months to 5 years, the length of time is variable and depends on factors such as UV/sun exposure, skin type, active lifestyles, skincare products, your immune system & metabolism, the density of colour implanted into the skin (softer enhancements do not last as long as strong, bold enhancements). We prefer the brows to be up to 70% faded before a retouch.

You will be amazed at how natural you will look after cosmetic tattooing, leave the oversized sunglasses and hat at home! The tattoo will oxidise over the following 2 days and be the darkest at this stage, but keep in mind this is the boldest part of the healing process, and you are able to place makeup directly around the brow straight after, just nothing in the brow.

In most cases, a bad job can be helped, however your expectations need to be realistic as results are not always comparable to a fresh, new brow procedure. Poorly shaped, unnatural coloured brows need to be corrected using removal which can be booked in with us. All corrections or brows with prior tattooing completed elsewhere need an online consultation prior to booking.

Cosmetic tattoo removal using a saline solution is the safest and most natural removal avenue, this procedure induces an immune and healing response which pulls all permanent out of the brow and safely removes this permanently from the body. Typically, you can expect to need anywhere from 1-8 sessions depending on the saturation, age and ingredients of the previous work. Most previous pigments are permanent ink, and can be stubborn in the skin (especially of they have healed pink, this is RUST!). It is always best to remove this first, for your own safety as we learn more and more about harmful ingredients and why I ONLY use pigments create to a European standard.

Removal sessions must be booked a minimum of 6 weeks apart, and we can re-tattoo the area 8 weeks minimum after the last removal session.

Absolutely not! We use as much of your natural brow hair as possible in the process, this is by far the best way to make the tattoo look as natural as possible.