As the industry progresses, so does the knowledge & expertise. Now, your journey to a natural brow no longer needs to be on a purely clean canvas and I can be part of the entire process while we remove old, block, migrated or permanent inks the safest way possible.

With the new EU standards forcing some pigment brands to reformulate for distribution & sales, clients are now more aware than ever the dangers of nano particles in some pigments that can be trapped into the lymphatic system and cause a myriad of health issues.

Saline lifts these pigments up and out of the skin as opposed to suppressing them further into the skin & body like laser removal.

This formula is the best on the market and here’s why;

• Developed by an ex-marine, professional tattoo artist with over 40 years experience

• PATENTED formula

• 100% pure refined saline solution with only 3 ingredients

• Extracts of aloe Vera for advanced healing ability

• Carcinogen free

• Continues lightening over time

• Far superior to glycolic saline with NO epidermis damage or PH imbalances

• Far superior to laser/chemical removal due to extraction over suppression

• Hypertonic formulation using natural osmosis

• NO damage to existing hair follicles


The client to apply a topical numbing cream 20 minutes prior to the appointment and arrive with it on; this can be any generic pharmacy brand like Emla or Nummit.


The client will be required to keep the brows dry for 10 days following the appointment and will look their most intense the day of treatment and following few days. Aftercare will be provided to use after the 10 days.

It is not recommended to book this in if you have any special events on within 2 weeks of the appointment.


Sessions will be dependable on the level of saturation under the skin, the pigments particular mix of synthetic and/or organic ingredients and style of previous tattooing.

Sessions must be a minimum of 5 weeks apart, and a minimum of 8 weeks before cosmetic tattooing can be completed.

Initially, a series of 2-3 is recommended in our tailored treatment plan.