After years of plucking my brows, then years of drawing in my brows & more years of researching tattoo artists to transform my face & bring my confidence back, I just couldn’t go past Terryn!!!
Her work looked incredible, she seemed so positive & down to earth, and really cared about her followers, the local community.
From the get go she was warm & personable, like coming to visit a long term friend. She was extremely professional, a perfectionist & the way she taught the girl I was modelling for was meticulous, thinking of everything a client would want to be considered, to ensure they walked away with the perfect brow.
She included me in the process, asking my opinion, checking in that I was ok, explaining each step & at the very end asked for my honest feedback as to if I was happy or not.
I am BEYOND happy!!! You always take a risk trusting someone to put something permanent on your body, when everyone has different opinions of what looks nice. I honestly couldn’t wipe & haven’t wiped the smile off my face since.
Terryn I can’t thank you enough, today I wore no makeup & felt beautiful when I looked in the mirror.
I will continue to refer people to you because not only are you an amazing artist, you are a such an beautiful woman inside & out xoxoxo